This is a landing page with links to my blog and some software projects I work on in my spare time.


TwiPing was a Twitter contact management application. I sold this app for 3 years, had a blast and learned a ton, but sunset it in March 2012 to focus on my day job. At some point I'll write a recap as it was a fun project. Made roughly $9-$10k "on the side" and learned a ton of technologies that I later applied to my day job.


This file location utility provides a lightweight fast search to find files on a Windows PC.

Windows XP and Vista file search functionality is flawed and very slow. This utility works much like the Linux locate utility, providing almost immediate search results.


Yara was one of a couple of iPhone apps I developed, but Siri has reduced its value so I've removed it from the app store.


My Github projects can be found here


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